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Photocopy Collage Work by Tristram Mason

Artist Tristram Mason, a second year illustration student at Central Saint Martins college of Art and Design in London has been creating, or maybe I should say experimenting, with some […]

Double Exposure: Dan Mountford

Young British designer and student Dan Mountford has a small but supreme portfolio on his personal Flickr account. It’s for sure worth a visit. His recent “Double Exposure” series is unreal, […]

Installation & Sculpture Work From Myeongbeom Kim

Educated in South Korea and the United States, Myeongbeom Kim creates installations and sculpture works that contrast man-made elements with nature to create surreal dream-like spaces. Utilising suspension as a common […]

Graphic Designer Feature: Andre Meca

Andre Meca is a Portuguese graphic design and illustrator. He is currently studying Graphic Design in Escola Superior de Artes e Design (ESAD) at Caldas da Rainha and working as […]

Talking to People is Easy: Alex Kisilevich

Toronto based artist Alex Kisilevich creates images that communicate feelings of isolation, mortality, and detachment, and may both be humorous and disturbing. His staged psychological dramas are quiet and pose […]

Photography Feature: Rebecca Cairns

As The Jealous Curator puts it: “Cindy Sherman meets Diane Arbus…with just a hint of The 6th Sense“. Well said. These black and white photographs from Toronto based Rebecca Cairns […]

Collage Artist Jesse Treece & Ice Cream Kingdoms

Seattle based collage artist Jesse Treece uses vintage books and magazines to create surreal and absurd landscapes. We at Serial Optimist love collaboration, and Jesse shares this love. He is […]

Photographer Feature: Angela Blumen

I asked photographer Angela Blumen to tell me a little bit about herself. Her response is a cute and enthusiastic paragraph (I only asked for a paragraph, now I wish […]

Artist Feature: Manfred Naescher

Manfred Naescher is a conceptual visual artist. His work investigates memory and artifice with the aid of tools like Derrida’s concept of cinema as “the art of allowing ghosts to […]

The Magic & Absurdity: Delilah Jones

Delilah Jones is a 23-year-old photographer, collage artist, and poet who now lives in Portland via New York. Her goal? “Trying to make art a reality, infecting minds, hearts, and […]

Artist Feature: Javier Pinon

Brooklyn based collage-artist Javier Pinon creates beautifully outrageous settings for his characters, making you want to place yourself in each piece and spend time in these exotic worlds. They can […]

New Collage Work by Aaron Frisby

Collage has become one of my favorite forms of art. Yet like photography, it’s an art that can be treated with disregard in that it is art: I have a […]

Klea McKenna | Slow Burn

From the artist: “I am interested in human perceptions and representations of nature and photography’s potential to both confirm and disarm those perceptions. Using analogue photographic methods and crude, handmade […]

The Little People Project

“Abandoning little people on the streets since 2006” is the motto of artist Slinkachu. He creates installations using (you guessed it) little people (toy soldiers, really) to create images both […]