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“Toy Stories” by Aled Lewis

London based designer and illustrator Aled Lewis has been bringing the witty and the cute for awhile now via tees and prints. His series “Toy Stories” are just hilarious in […]


Twenty-Seven Names Presentation

Great photos and concept from Twenty-Seven Names. I’ll let someone who was there explain better: “Twenty-Seven Names did something a little different to present their Winter 2012 collection. Held at […]

hipsterimage copy

The Good, The Bad, Or The Hipster

We will start off easy for our first installment of The Good, The Bad, or The Hipster. Because really, do I need to even ask? This is bad, yes, but […]

A Family Portrait

London based animator and filmmaker Joseph Pierce’s critically loved and much buzzed about short is hilariously mad. A family portrait session goes horribly wrong as secrets and jealousy bubble to […]

In A Perfect World…

California based designer Catrina Dulay lived “A great deal in my active imagination while I was growing up, and I still do, which is nice.” On her simplistic but oh-so-true […]

Comedian Tig Notaro’s Debut Album “Good One”

On August 2nd, comedian (also known as every comedians favorite comedian) Tig Notaro will release her debut album entitled Good One (click link to download). Good One contains well crafted and ridiculous material […]

The Twins

Skateboard filmaker Ty Evans just released his latest short video, The Twins, showcasing Pierce and Chris Brunner, who at the time of filming were only 12. Some crazy talented kids […]

Yoga + Kittens = You Know the Answer

Thank you, photographer Daniel Borris. Thank you for Yoga Dogs. Thank you for Yoga Cats. Thank you for being a modest photographer who never would have imagined that people from […]

If You’re Not Dogboarding, You’re Probably Rollerbladekittening, Which is SO Lame

Dogs and skateboards go together like bills I get in the mail and my trash can, meaning quite awesomely. Created and directed by Daniels, it’s just pure fun. Track by […]

A Short Film: The Animalmen

Writer/Director Jarrett DePasquale brings us the short film “The Animalmen”. The film is about three would-be revolutionaries and how rad their uprising could be…if only they had a cool group […]

Video: Joy Of Destruction

“Joy Of Destruction” doesn’t really sound like the title of something that would go on Serial Optimist, but this beautiful paper collage stop motion video from Laura Junger and Xaver […]

Real Life Version of UP!

Life imitating art can be an amazing thing. On March 5th, a team of scientists and engineers recreated the house from the movie UP for the National Geographic Channel’s fall […]


SO Nice: The Gentlewoman

Favorite new magazine – The Gentlewoman. Published in the UK, The Gentlewoman is a new biannual style magazine featuring inspirational, international women. The debut issue had Phoebe Philo (of Celine) […]

…and put on my Givenchy sweatsuit, the grey one with the burgundy trim, and it’s a medium, fit me proper ’cause I’m nice and slim.

Those lyrics from DJ Quik’s, “Tonight” (the second single off of his debut album, Quik Is The Name) cost me more hours of my life than I’d like to imagine. […]