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Heathers Goes Off Broadway

Very exciting news came yesterday for anyone that knows what true teen angst is and that growing up, your best friend is also your worst enemy. The classic film Heathers […]

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Must Follow Person Of The Week: Kevin James Doyle

Kevin James Doyle is a “must follow” in our book. He shows us why with his “comedy that never sleeps” and his insane sense of humor on Twitter. While his […]


Must Follow Person Of The Week: Aidy Bryant

Aidy Bryant is seriously so much fun. If you’ve been missing her on the last couple of seasons of SNL, she’s a hoot! She does some fun accents, and her […]


Fitz And The Tantrums Is Alive! (Not A Long-Gone Motown Group)

Only three bands could interrupt a longstanding glassblowing date a few Tuesdays ago in Brooklyn. A long pole with liquid glass at the end, glowing, hot embers, liquid molten. Magma. […]

Photo courtesy of The Super Serious Show

Must Follow Person Of The Week: Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is a knockout. Not only is she just absolutely adorable, but she will blindside you with her humor–appropriate or not. She has previously been featured in our Top 8 […]


Openhouse Gallery’s Park Here

Openhouse’s Gallery’s Park Here is a three-month pop-up park in Nolita. It features a concert series with Rolling Stone mag, ten local food vendors, free wine tastings, BBQ, movies and […]

SO NYC: OpenHouse Gallery Park Here

  January has been the month of Snowpocalypse 2011 in New York, so the Park Here exhibit at OpenHouse Gallery in Nolita could not have have popped up at a better […]

Artist Feature: Chris Dorland

Chris Dorland is an abstract artist who lives and works in NYC. He is a hugely accomplished painter, and creates beautiful mixed media and collage work. Dorland is one of […]

Paris Vs. NYC

Illustrator Vahram Muratyan compares and contrasts Paris and New York City. The result is a charming set of similarities and differences. More after the jump.


Have You Met Emily Wells Yet? Allow Me To Introduce You..

I featured a few Emily Wells videos via a guest post from Streetwater not to long ago. Recently I was able to ask Emily some questions, all in the perspective […]

Photographer Rebecca Handler: A Moment Surreal

Thanks to Streetwater for turning SO onto Rebecca Handler, the self described playfully surreal artist. Her work is a delight. Find out a little more about Rebecca and see some of her […]

An Educational, Entertaining, & Insightful Conversation With Streetwater’s Greg T. Spielberg

Greg T. Spielberg aka GTS aka Louis Taymans aka the guy behind Streetwater, is an urban journalist to the full extent, whether he will admit to it or not. He […]


A Conversation With Brooklyn Based Photographer Meg Wachter: She Makes Art Look Beautifully Playful

The first time I saw Meg Wachter’s work, I couldn’t help but think that this is how beautiful, yet fun photography looks. That this was art made my someone who […]

Photographer Alex Prager Is A Hot Hot Shot

Alex Prager takes her cues from Pulp Fiction and the fashion images of Guy Bourdin to construct filmic narratives starring women disguised under synthetic wigs, dramatic makeup, and retro polyester attire. […]