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2nd Annual LA Podcast Festival

Serial Optimist has had October 4-6th circled with a big red marker for months now eagerly awaiting the 2nd Annual LA Podcast Festival to kick off. We had a blast […]


Serial Optimist’s ’10 Comedians You Must Know’ In 2013

2013 is sure to have its share of unexpected success stories and breakout performances in the comedy arena. However, we here at SO would like to make some predictions and […]


Best Of 2012: Podcasts

Before your Big Bird feathers get all ruffled, let me start out by saying that if I listened to every single comedy podcast out there I would actually be a […]


Interview With The Super Fun & Funny Murray Valeriano

An observant mortal once said, “one can judge a man by the company he keeps.” Having cavorted with some of the most intriguing people on the planet Murray Valeriano is […]


LA Podcast Festival Preview

This weekend kicks off the First Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival. Oct 12-14 the city of Santa Monica will welcome podcasters from near and far to the confines of the […]

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Jackie Kashian Is Big Time Smiles

If you are not yet a ranger of The Dork Forest, you soon will be. Please grab a comfy chair and familiarize yourself with TDF podcast’s dorkdom purveyor, Jackie Kashian. […]