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Matt Braunger, Marc Maron & Brendon Walsh by Leigh Righton

Photographer Leigh Righton Spent 72 Hours At The Vancouver Comedy Fest With Marc Maron, Matt Braunger & Brendon Walsh

For me, a photographer’s job is equal parts documentarian and storyteller, capturing the essence of a particular moment or creating one within their frame. Despite my roots shooting live music, for the […]


Serial Optimist’s ’10 Comedians You Must Know’ In 2013

2013 is sure to have its share of unexpected success stories and breakout performances in the comedy arena. However, we here at SO would like to make some predictions and […]

Photo by Seth Olenick

Marc Maron Interview: WTF?

“I’m glad to be part of the war on sadness. I’m a part time employee of the illusion that keeps people stupid.” –Marc Maron. I was nervous about interviewing Marc. […]