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It’s officially time to switch gears from Best of 2012 to what’s going to be the Best of 2013. Check out the 2012 Best Of Serial Optimist recap including: Best Show Posters, Most Entertaining Movies, 5 Albums For The Mayan Apocalypse, Best 2012 Podcasts, Best Schmidt Quotes Of 2012, Songs Of The Year, Best Music Videos, Best Of Pinterest, Best Albums, 5 Worst Albums Of 2012 (That We Kinda Liked), Best Live Comedy, Viral Videos, ‘Top 40’ Songs That Were Actually Good, Best Interviews and 12 Most Memorable NYC Shows. Whew! I hope you enjoying going over them as much as we did creating them. Click the image above or just click here and get your final Best Of fix!

SO Note: What did you think of our Best Of’s lists this year? Let us know @Serial_Optimist.