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Hopefully you’ve noticed some changes happening on Serial Optimist. If you haven’t that’s okay, we’ve been in hibernation for two years. Now SO is in Denver, and ready to take on the comedy scene while also attacking mental illness and of course bringing you what we do best: interviews with the most interesting people.

When Serial Optimist started in 2010, our goal was to make you smile each day. Now the goal is to move you each day, hopefully that includes smiles, sometimes tears, and overall making you think.

For now I hope you enjoy some of our archived interviews, we have over 250 with the best people around, and start getting excited about the direction and what and where SO is doing next.

Thank you to all our past readers, and for your patience with the site as it goes through some updates and changes. We look forward to welcoming all this December.

A kiss to you, stranger.

Love, SO