Underappreciated: Bowling

Underappreciated: Bowling

We recently had the privilege of interviewing the phenomenal Michael Shepard of Lovedrug. After all was said and done, he enlightened us as to what he thinks is underappreciated. I‘d now like to reiterate the words of that wise man: “Bowling. That’s all I’m gonna say. Bowling.”

As someone who is not big on bowling, I would have to agree. When I was a junior in high school, we had a giant after prom at school. There were games and obstacle courses, food and raffles. And I—lucky girl that I am—won an unmarked, unpegged bowling ball. It wasn’t until that day that I reevaluated the role that bowling plays in my life. It doesn’t.  There is no place for bowling in my life. Despite that fact, I named my bowling ball with the help of a parent chaperone at after prom (his name is Louie) and I kept that bowling ball. Over the years, I have rolled it around on the ground, watched my friends drop it on their feet, and tripped over it in my closet way too many times to count. And yet I have still never gotten it customized for future use. Why? Because I’d rather not picture myself as someone who belongs to an adult bowling league.

That being said, I did have a recent run-in with bowling that left me happy with the sport. I complained about the choice of venue for our group hang out, but I obliged and paid for the sour-smelling clown shoes to play. I started off pretty badly, but my brain finally adjusted to this whole “no bumpers” thing and I got the gist of it. Then alcohol was consumed (knowing me, it wasn’t much) and the more giggly I got, the more confidence I had. Add that to the music that was pumping from the speakers and my younger brother’s crazy dance moves, and I truly had one of the most fun nights of the year.

My last encounter with bowling was short-lived. I was stranded in a middle of nowhere town in mid-Missouri for my brother’s golf state championship (Go Warriors!) and it was decided that we would go bowling. I was reluctant. Upon further investigation, the alley was dead bolted and in shambles. So we followed directions to its supposed new location and never found it. The town couldn’t even keep a bowling alley open. And then I found myself saddened a bit, because we resorted to ice cream (I’m not knocking ice cream) and there was really no entertainment value in that. No dancing. No competitive spirit.

Bowling is underappreciated. As I said before, I think most people associate it with adult leagues. When I didn’t think about old men wearing matching button-ups and gearing up by smoking cigars, I thought of that crazy glow in the dark bowling that people tried to get me into a few years ago. I’m sorry if smoke machines and glow sticks seem more like a distraction to me than any type of fun—especially when I am expected to roll a boulder down a greased track at a relatively small target. I didn’t want to feel old. I didn’t want to feel like I was at a rave or some strange disco. I wanted to feel like me.

Bowling turned out to be really fun, and I do encourage people to go out of their comfort zones every once in a while. It’s true that some circumstances will throw you through a loop, but the company you keep is the best part. And bowling is a less dangerous form of archery. So go out for some target practice.


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