Underappreciated: Coffee Filters
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Underappreciated: Coffee Filters

Coffee filters are super underappreciated. When I moved back home from New York, my brother decided to gain an interest in coffee. What drove this interest was the fact that there was now going to be a regular coffee maker in the house. He had bought me my first real coffee maker the year previous, but I had had it with me in NYC for the majority of its presence in my life. He had my latte maker at home, but it’s not exactly the easiest thing to use. And who needs to deal with something difficult when they aren’t even awake yet?

So I drive him to the store. We pick out bags of coffee that we think he might like and then spend an extensive amount of time in the creamer aisle, debating between normal flavors like French Vanilla and Hazelnut or the discounted holiday flavors. (We escaped with a French Vanilla and a Caramel Mocha Latte for moi.) It was only on our way out that I realized we needed filters. After all, one pack lasted for over a year with my roommates and I. Filters are inexpensive, not purchased too often, and very rarely are they recognized for making coffee so incredibly amazing.

If it weren’t for my filters, I wouldn’t just have a few speckles of crushed up coffee beans in my mug. The entire mug would be full of beans, and the consistency would be that of thick dirt or gravel. Chugging coffee would be like drinking a hot smoothie, the contents of which would probably have a very difficult time making their way through my digestive system. Can you imagine a colonoscopy in a world with no coffee filters? (Scratch that, don’t think that hard.)

Besides that, I have found in the catacombs (Church reference. What up, Pope Benedict XVI?) of my cupboards some loose leaf tea that, until now, went un-savored. Why? Because we don’t own the mechanisms to brew our intricate little tea friends. Have no fear, though, because I stuck that mango flavored goodness into part of a coffee filter, stapled it up, and dunked it into my boiling water for a caffeinated freak-out (on the couch watching a movie with my mom)! Thanks, coffee filter friend!

There are so many other uses for filters. If you polish your shoes (who polishes their shoes?!), then apply said polish with a scrunched up filter. Too hold messy tacos and other Mexican food together, wrap a filter around it. Lay filters between good dishes to protect them, cover bowls and dishes when heating food up in the microwave, and clean the many surfaces of your home with some Windex (which heals all things, a la My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and a coffee filter (or twelve)! Open up Pinterestand I guarantee you’ll find 20+ new DIY projects relying solely on filters. Need to wax your eyebrows (Or your back hair? Or your hairless cat that somehow started sprouting fur?)? Apply the wax with strips of coffee filter and then RIP IT OFF! YEAH! I am getting amped just thinking about it!

But, in all seriousness, these filters are necessary for smooth coffee. And they’re awesome to have laying around even if you’re not addicted to caffeinated beverages and their super awesome awesomeness. If you haven’t already noticed, I definitely used a coffee filter or two (or six) today.


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