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CURRENTS: With Beth Stelling & Adam Newman

Welcome to Currents! This is where we ask people what their current favorites are. Same questions, different guests! This weeks guests are two of our favorites: Beth Stelling and Adam […]

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2011’s Best Tracks To Get Lost In

Us being Serial Optimist’s, and hoping to make each and every one of you smile each day, we try to keep things upbeat around here. However, that doesn’t mean we […]


SO’s 10 Best Tracks SO Far This Year

It’s already April? It is. That was a rhetorical question. A lot has already happened in 2011 music wise: Radiohead, SXSW, The Strokes, Gaga, Rebecca Black (jk), OFWGKTA, Lykke Li, […]


SO Beautiful: Lykke Li – I Know Places (Live on the Moon)

Usually I would leave you all with an upbeat track to tap and bounce to throughout the weekend, but goodness this is just so nice. Lykke Li’s new album Wounded […]

SO Approved: Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers

Lykke Li’s much anticipated sophomore album, Wounded Rhymes, doesn’t come out until March 1st, which seems like forever, because time always moves slow when you’re waiting for something great. Her […]

Black Cab Sessions

Do you know about Black Cab Sessions? Probably. But in case you don’t, I felt it my responsibility to make sure you know, because it’s so good, and so fun. […]