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Brent Weinbach: When Worlds Kaleidoscope

Brent Weinbach has been one of my favorite comedians since I saw him open for the Comedians of Comedy Tour in 2007. My friends and I, all being huge fans […]


This Is What You Need To Know About Comedy In June

There was so much happening with Kim and Kanye that we almost forgot that Egypt was in such an upheaval that would lead to their president stepping down. With that […]


Web Series Spotlight: ‘Happy Place’

Happy Place is a web series created by LA comic Grant Pardee. Grant also writes and stars in this series about a guy working at a job he hates with […]


This Is What You Need To Know About Comedy From May

While the zeitgeist of the time seems to be centered around Amanda Bynes, “Game of Thrones,” Benghazi and Monsanto, there has been plenty of things happening in the comedy world […]


Allen Strickland Williams Talks ‘Entitlement’

Our friend Allen Strickland Williams has a great new show along with other VICE writers Grant Pardee, Alison Stevenson, Josh Androsky, David Schilling and Megan Koester. “Entitlement” is a new […]


Need A Woman Who Can Do It All? Holler At Stacey Hallal!

I knew Stacey Hallal was an awesome lady. We’d met several times while she was still living in Chicago. I always loved how driven she was, not to mention friendly […]


The Charm, Supportiveness & Hilarity That Is Cameron Esposito

Even though I had already been doing comedy for years, I had always been terrified of stand up. It’s intimidating on so many levels, so a couple of years ago, […]


Dan Telfer: Falling Down, Working Hard And Penguins

Dan Telfer worked his ass off in the Chicago standup scene, becoming one of the most respected local performers, producing one of the best comedy shows in town (Chicago Underground […]

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Interview With The SO Funny & A SO Favorite: Chris Thayer

Chris Thayer is one super funny stand-up comedian. You probably know him best from being a regular on Pete Holmes’ podcast You Made it Weird. And of course coining the […]

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Everything You Need To Know That Happened In Comedy: January

So much comedy news to kickoff 2013 and here I was ready to put my money down for 2013 making up for 2012 not bringing about the apocalypse. Well, no […]


Maria Bamford’s ‘The Special Special Special’ Is SO Intimate & SO Wonderful

Back in November we told you how excited we were about Maria Bamford’s The Special Special Special where Maria would be performing stand up in the living room in front […]


Serial Optimist’s ’10 Comedians You Must Know’ In 2013

2013 is sure to have its share of unexpected success stories and breakout performances in the comedy arena. However, we here at SO would like to make some predictions and […]


This Is What You Need To Know About Comedy In December

Well, with both 2012 and December 2012 officially over, it’s safe to say, according to me, that comedy gave a damn fine finish to the year. Plenty of deals were […]


Interview With The Super Fun & Funny Murray Valeriano

An observant mortal once said, “one can judge a man by the company he keeps.” Having cavorted with some of the most intriguing people on the planet Murray Valeriano is […]