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CURRENTS: With Mike Burns & Mike Bridenstine

Welcome to Currents! This is where we ask people what their current favorites are. Same questions, different guests! We’ve got double trouble with the two Mikes. First we have Mike […]

Photo by Robyn Von Swank

5 Comedians You Should Know Now

You need a laugh? You are finally ready to take the comedy plunge but there are so many names to choose from. Who is funny? Who is fresh? Who will […]

Alfred Explains Stand-Up to a Burgeoning, Yet Frustrated, Comedian Bruce Wayne

Master Wayne, when some men start in comedy, if they’re funny, it’s like they’ve been placed in a room made of drywall, and told to break themselves out. Sure, it’s […]

…and put on my Givenchy sweatsuit, the grey one with the burgundy trim, and it’s a medium, fit me proper ’cause I’m nice and slim.

Those lyrics from DJ Quik’s, “Tonight” (the second single off of his debut album, Quik Is The Name) cost me more hours of my life than I’d like to imagine. […]


Mike Burns Is The BEST Thing Since Pretzels Dipped In Nutella

If you’re into comedy, great writing, genuine people, funny things, the absurd, and wonderful aesthetics, then you will be into stand-up Mike Burns. Most of SO’s interviews are with super talented […]