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You know how when you have an idol or hero or something that you’ve looked up to your whole life, and then you meet them as an adult and they’re doing blow in the bathroom of a gas station asking you for $20? Well, this interview was absolutely nothing like that, but I will say, I’m crushed. You’ve seen Natasha Leggero doing stand-up all over the country for the past six years, hosting Last Comic Standing over the summer, on the Chelsea Lately roundtable numerous times, in “Reno 911!,” in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” actually I could go on and on. Her voice is sexy, she actually just has lots of sex appeal, which is not a frequent thing to say about any comedian. More importantly, she is actually super smart, and really funny. I’ll warn you now, she took this interview VERY seriously, so prepare yourself for some serious-interview-kind-of-shit.

SO: You’re standup is truly funny. Here is an example of a recent performance. Not that you need to watch yourself perform, that’s more for the reader, but what is your writing process? How do you come up with your material?

Natasha: Something terrible has to happen to me in order to write a joke.  Like Beyonce releases a new album or I turn on The Learning Channel.

SO: Do you think people are born funny, or can someone teach himself or herself to be funny? Is it a natural thing, a taught thing, or a combination?

Natasha: You can teach yourself to do well as a comedian but can’t teach yourself to be funny.

SO: You host a weekly podcast with Duncan Trussell called The Lavender Hour. Can you tell us a bit about the style, and format of the podcast?

Natasha: It’s like an old style French salon.  But it’s a podcast!

SO: You received your B.A. In theater criticism. What is theater criticism? Is it exactly what it sounds like it is?

Natasha: It’s what you get when the only college you could afford didn’t have a real theater program.

SO: What projects do you have coming up we can see you in? We should be seeing more of you, you’ve proven your skills by now. You were one of the hosts on Last Comic Standing this summer, we will hear you on the second season of Ugly Americans, and on lucky nights we get to see you on the Chelsea Lately roundtable. What else is up?

Natasha: I am shooting a Comedy Central Special coming up and also I’ll be in the new Comedy Central series ‘Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time.’ Also look for my Azure-Collar Comedy Tour.  Dates at www.natashaleggero.com

SO: What are certain things that just annoy the shit out of you in general, in life, in people?

Natasha: People who have babies in toilets & Beyonce.

SO: When was the last time you cried, and why? If it was for something personal, don’t tell me, because I’ll feel horrible, and then maybe I’ll cry, etc.

Natasha: When I was 7 I couldn’t stop crying when I saw Ricky Shroeder in The Champ. I wanted him to be my boyfriend so bad!

SO: What was the last book you read that you recommend? This question is really just for me. I’m looking for a new book to read.

Natasha: Jackie & Bobby. Learn how Jacqueline Kennedy was the aristocratic Ana Nicole Smith.

SO: Who are some of your favorite comics? I’ve asked other comedians this question and it always seems to be the hardest to answer. Regardless, if you had to put a “comics to watch list…” kind of thing together, who would be on it?

Natasha: My top 10 comics to watch:

1. Barbara Stanwyck
2. Tig Notaro
3. Duncan Trussell
4. Todd Barry
5.  Tim
6. & Eric
7 Oscar Wilde
8. Woody Allen
9.Neil Hamburger
10 Mae West

SO: How do you answer the phone? “Hello?” “This is Natasha.” “What it do?” Seriously, how do you answer?

Natasha: I once knew this guy in NY who was a painter and would work from home and whenever someone called his house from 9-5 he answered “Studio.” So sometimes I do that just to be dumb.  I am also a fan of the annoyed “Yes, Hello?”  Like you are a busy CEO.

SO: What are you currently doing, this moment, as you respond to this interview. At home? In an office? Drinking tea? TV on? Etc.

Natasha: There is a street fair going on outside my window.  I wish I could describe my distaste for techno.  Did anyone who wasn’t on ecstasy ever enjoy a techno song?

SO: For all our readers, can you just sum up who Natasha Leggero is? Not like your bio or anything, but something to make people remember your name, and become instant fans. You have to do this in one sentence or less. Go!

Natasha: Sophisticated aloofness with sexual undertones.


SO Note: Follow Natasha @natashaleggero and also check her out, or her voice out, in all the above mentioned shows discussed in the “interview.”

Photo Credit: Nic Ray Studios